Children in glasses – stick with it!

Nearly a year ago now, one of my little girls at nearly age 3 started to wear spectacles. (totally shocked me, I completely know how all the parents of my patients feel now when I give them the news!!)

To start off with the novelty of having glasses encouraged her to wear them, but that unfortunately only lasted a few days at the most! Then she would keep taking them off, or complaining that they were dirty or steamy so she couldn’t wear them. I then had to come up with a strategy to get her to wear them, and for us that was a sticker chart. Lots of encouragement and praise was needed in the beginning but after a couple of months (you have to stick with these things!) it just became normal for her and she wears them all the time now.

She has sight tests every three months at the moment and the improvement in her vision in just 9 months is amazing, genuinely makes me feel a bit emotional! I also feel the choice of frame has been key for her so I will write in the future about them too.

So all you parents out there struggling to get your children to wear their glasses, stick with it and it is definitely worth it. © 2024. All rights fully reserved.