Did you know that 20% of new businesses in the UK fail in the first year and 60% don’t make it past three years?

Before we opened our first practice in 2012, we had both worked for large multiples for the entirety of our optical careers and making our new business work without the help of a massive name (and their huge infrastructures and supply chains) gave us a unique insight into how hard smaller businesses have to work in order to become successful.

It’s now over ten years since our very first day, and although we have beaten the odds so far, we have not grown complacent. We still appreciate each and every patient that chooses to support a small business instead of shopping with the big multiples and one of our core ethics is that wherever possible, we pay it forward and spend our money with smaller businesses also.

So.. we buy very nearly everything that our business needs from small businesses. Our stationery, our consumables, our furniture, flooring – even our tea and coffee (and everything else that I can think of) come from small businesses. Basically, if we can source what we need from a small business then that’s what we do.

This doesn’t just extend to our business though, we do the same at home – because every purchase from our business helps us to support our families whilst being able to do what we love – so we want to make sure that other people with small businesses can do the same thing.

So please know that when you make a purchase from us, it makes a difference, we appreciate it and we work every day on paying it forward!


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