A bit of Christmas fun!

So, quite early this morning we were approached by an elf (pictured here with Clare) the elf is a patient of ours who wanted us to help him with a Christmas prank on his friend, who was visiting us today for the first time. Our mission was to get a photo of the friend wearing a silly pair of Christmas specs.

I must admit, I couldn’t see how Clare was going to do it, but she rose to the challenge and managed to snap a photo of the unsuspecting man, wearing the silly Christmas specs. He had no idea!

He has just emailed us to say that his friend has shown him the picture. He can’t believe Clare managed it without him knowing and he has congratualted us on a good joke! What a good sport!

Have a little look at our Facebook page to see the photo, we have promised to get it printed and add it to our memory wall.

Merry Christmas, everybody!

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