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More changes!

So, anyone who knows us will know that we like things to be organised. Quite often Clare gets here on a Tuesday or a Friday and can tell I’ve had a spare half an hour the day before because something has been moved around, added or taken away. This year, I bought us a personalised […]

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Cosmetic changes here!

So pleased to come in this morning and see that our wonderful handyman has been busy! Firstly, we have had a second dispensing desk put in. As space is rather limited here, we have had a drop down desk put in. This means that the desk will tuck away neartly when not in use and […]

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New signage..

You may have noticed some new signage going up on the side walls of the St David Medical Centre complex. We’re really happy to finally have our name on the outside wall. Eagle eyed people may spot the mistake in our sign but we have been informed that it will be fixed very soon!

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Refurbishment almost finished!

The weekend went well and here are some pictures of our most recent work! In this picture you can see the inside of the door frame which is now white. This has been vinyl wrapped on the inside only.. so that on the outside, it’s still the reddy brown colour to match the other venues […]

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Refurb in progress!!

It’s a busy morning here at the practice and as soon as clinic is over, myself and the wonderful Chris will be starting the almost-final phase of the Pearce & Bowler refurbishment! As some of you may have noticed over the last few months, things have been changing here and there.. our red chairs have […]

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Closed for refurbishment!

Hello all, Just to let you know we are closing for refurbishment on Monday 21st and Tuesday 22nd October. We are having electrical work done which means that we will be without electricity on and off on these days so we are using the opportunity to make a few other background changes here! We will […]

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