More changes!

So, anyone who knows us will know that we like things to be organised. Quite often Clare gets here on a Tuesday or a Friday and can tell I’ve had a spare half an hour the day before because something has been moved around, added or taken away.

This year, I bought us a personalised wall planner, because we love to be organised! I’ve also created a handy little space on the wall in the room just off our main shop floor. This is so that when we need to get a form signed by someone who isn’t currently here, we can just clip the form on the peg under that person’s picture. In this picture you can see that I’ve been a very busy lady and all my forms are signed and filed away. You can also see that Clare has a few forms to sign at the end of afternoon clinic, and we’ve put some ready for Jane to sign on Thursday when she’s here.

The line of clips under the wall planner is our new checking queue. We have two deliveries a day of completed spectacles that always get checked by Clare or Jane to make sure they’re up to scratch before they get given to you. Twice a day, when the deliveries come in, I sort through them and clip them up from left to right, in the order that I want them checked in. The queue system works really well and having them clipped up instead of waiting on the table ensures that I have plenty of space to do repairs and adjustments. © 2024. All rights fully reserved.