Cosmetic changes here!

So pleased to come in this morning and see that our wonderful handyman has been busy!

Firstly, we have had a second dispensing desk put in. As space is rather limited here, we have had a drop down desk put in. This means that the desk will tuck away neartly when not in use and can easily be utilised if we need to see to a patient for a collection, dispense or anything else whilst I am busy or if my desk is in use. This will help to reduce waiting times, lighten the load on me and also means that when we do employ a Dispensing Optician to help out, that they have somewhere to work as well!

Also, we have finally had our iPad (currently installing a software update!) mounted securely up onto the wall. This will be wonderful because patients can now try on frames and take a picture of themselves wearing the frames to look at later. This will help when a person is trying to choose between two or three designs and as anyone who struggles without their spectacles will understand, you’ll be able to judge better which frame looks the best.

We can even email the images to you if you’d like to opinion of someone at home, or if you want time to think later on.

In the picture, you can also see my model eye from Santa and the Anatomy of the Eye poster behind it. These have been of great interest to lots of our patients recently!

The testing room has had a little overhaul as well, I will let Clare tell you about that in the next few weeks. © 2024. All rights fully reserved.