We stock a wide range of spectacle frames from budget to designer models and with lots of choices from sedate frames ideal for everyday wear all the way up to more stand out designs in various colours and shapes, we’re bound to have something that you’ll love! We stock a very extensive range of frames that come with a fitted, magnetic sunclip at both practices and over at the Llanishen practice we can even help you design your own pair of bespoke, wooden frames!


We can also supply just about every lens option – single vision, bifocals, varifocals and occupationals are all available and we can make thinner and lighter lenses to improve the appearance of your spectacles. For use in the sun shine, lenses can be tinted in a variety of colours and we can supply polarising lenses which reduce horizontal glare as well as photochromic lenses which get darker in the sunlight.

All of our lenses come with an anti-scratch coating as standard and we also have a range of other coatings such as anti-reflection which reduces glare. Especially ideal for computer use and driving at night, an anti-reflection coating reduces reflections on the lenses, giving the best possible vision and improving the appearance of you spectacles.


We also supply and fit contact lenses and we have access to all options including daily, two-weekly or monthly replacement soft lenses and rigid gas permeable (RGP) lenses. Soft lenses are available in standard, toric and/or multifocal prescriptions and we even have access to a limited new range of contact lenses with photochromic technology!

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