Prof Cert Med Ret for Clare!

We’re running of space on the doors for all the letters after Clare’s name but she just keeps on going and we’ve just received word that Clare has passed her Medical Retina Course. The means that Clare is now qualified to assess the health of a patient’s retina, in a more medical way.

The Medical Retina qualification is testament to the amazing advances in optometry in Wales. It allows for optometrists to work at the top of their qualifications and assess patients in a high street optical practice, at a time to suit them rather than having to be seen in a hospital setting at a pre-set date and time.

It’s much more convenient for the patient, and it saves time and money for the NHS.

In order for Clare to be able to use her new qualification, we now need to buy her an Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) scanner – so now the shopping begins! Watch this space. © 2024. All rights fully reserved.