Our first year!

September 2013 has seen the anniversary of our first year of being open. We have had a fantastic and successful first year, beyond what we could have hoped for in the beginning! We have seen many patients, supplied many pairs of glasses and contact lenses and we are so happy that we seem to be establishing the practice well within the community as word gets around that we are here.

In fact, on May 24th – we saw our 1000th patient. A very proud moment for us and a happy moment for the 1000th patient, who got her glasses at half price as we celebrated such a fantastic milestone!

As most of you know, another happy moment for us came when Clare and her husband became parents to beautiful, healthy twin girls!

In our second year, there will be some changes to our practice which will be properly announced soon, as and when they are implemented. In October we have a new Director joining us. We will also start to run a Low Vision clinic, which is a specialist clinic run by our optometrist Jane where visually impaired patients can get the right vision aids (such as magnifiers and special lamps) for their eyesight problems.

In November, we have new opening hours and extended clinic times starting. December will see a change in staffing at the practice as Stuart will be reducing his hours and working part time. In February, we will see the return of Clare to the practice after her maternity leave. As you can see, we have much to do and tell you about in the coming months!

Thank you so much for your support in our first year and we look forward to seeing you all again soon on your next visits!!

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