Miraflex range

This month has seen quite a few younger patients coming with Mum and/or Dad for the first time to choose spectacles after visiting the hospital for their prescription. For young children, and especially babies, fitting of spectacles can be difficult and often parents become frustrated with poorly fitting frames and endless trips to the optician to repair or replace broken frames.

We are proud to stock Miraflex frames which are  crafted from a special plastic material with no metal parts and hinge-free temples. These are incredibly resilient frames, and are perfect for babies from approximately 3 months old, young children or older children with special needs.

The Miraflex flexible & safe collection is manufactured from a unique lightweight and flexible plastic material to permit excellent wearing comfort and optimum adjustment.

Frames are crafted using no metal parts and incorporate hinge-free temples to drastically reduce the risk of facial or eye trauma. The nose bridge is anatomically designed to distribute the weight of the frame and lenses across a larger surface to further increase wearing comfort.

A special adjustable headband keeps the frame snugly in place to improve optical correction and occlusion treatment. Perfect for babies and toddlers engaging in play and sports activities.

The collection consists of 14 models, available in more than 20 colours. We have a selection in store to show you, and different colours can be ordered upon request.

At Pearce and Bowler Opticians, the cost of Miraflex spectacles is just £20.00 with an NHS voucher.


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