First month down!

Well, I am absolutely shattered! I’ve just got home from my last day at the practice in January and I must tell you – going back to working full time when I’ve been working part time since COVID has been a shock to the system!

The main thing at Llanishen is that the patients, although all lovely, have been used to the practice running a certain way. They’ve been used to the place being open full time and someone always being there to answer the phone or deal with their queries.. so with Llanishen being open two and a half days a week now, they do seem to find that strange.

The previous owners had the practice staffed full time, even though they only ran clinics half the time. From my business perspective, this meant that they were wasting money keeping the practice open when they weren’t making revenue. This was why the practice was not making profit and why, ultimately the owner could not sustain it any longer. My prediction (and hope) is that even if the revenue amount stays the same, that the reduction in overheads and staff costs will tip the scale to make the practice profitable, and even though we’re only a month in – this theory seems to be holiding water.

In other associated musings.. it’s strange after ten years of getting to know the people who visit my Pentwyn practice, to feel like I’m back at the start at the new place! I don’t recognise anyone who is coming through the door at Llanishen, even though some of them have been coming through that door for forty plus years! Everyone is new to me so I hope that I start to get to know them soon.. and I hope they’ll be happy to keep coming back so that they can get to know us!

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