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Children in glasses – stick with it!

Nearly a year ago now, one of my little girls at nearly age 3 started to wear spectacles. (totally shocked me, I completely know how all the parents of my patients feel now when I give them the news!!) To start off with the novelty of having glasses encouraged her to wear them, but that […]

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Eat your carrots! They’ll help you see in the dark….?

This month I have been reading up (in etCETera magazine) about nutrition and eye health as I’m really interested in finding out what is actually beneficial to our sight. We’ve all heard the phrase “eat your carrots, they’ll help you see in the dark”…but is there any truth behind it?! Carrots contain substances that are […]

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Fundus photography now available!

We have a new and exciting piece of equipment here now! With our new fundus camera we can take photos like this of the back of your eye. Keep an eye out for our article on retinal photography coming in the next few weeks. Until then, feel free to ask about retinal photos when you […]

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Another student here today

We have another student with us today. Ish is studying Pharmacy at Cardiff University. He will be learning a little about eye conditions that he may see as a matter of course during his career as a Pharmacist and with permission from this afternoon’s patients, he may well also sit in on some appointments to […]

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When did you last get your eyes checked?

When did you last get your eyes checked? For National Eye Health Week (21 to 27 September 2015) Ceri Jackson, director of RNIB Cymru and Chair of the Wales National Eye Health Week advisory group, offers some top tips on looking after our eyes. ‚ÄúResearch shows that more than 1 in 10 of us have […]

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Health: Cataracts

If the lens inside your eye becomes cloudy, it is known as a cataract. Cataracts usually occur over the age of sixty but can occur at any age. It is even possible to be born with cataracts (congenital cataracts) Cataracts are thought to be caused by a number of things including excessive exposure to UV […]

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