As children’s eyecare specialists, we went to great lengths to research the best option for eyecare that meets the specific needs of children. As such, we are proud to be one of the very few practices in Cardiff that can supply the Miraflex range.

Miraflex frames are ideal for babies, very young children and those children with special needs who require a very specialist fit.

Miraflex frames are made entirely of a soft plastic material and have no hinges or metal parts whatsoever so they are very safe, incredibly resilient and flexible.

They also have an easily adjustable head strap which basically puts an end to the frequent trips to the optician for frame fittings, repairs and replacements.

We have nine designs in the practice but we can order any of the Miraflex range in for your child to try on, with no obligation. Each design is available in over 20 different colours.

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