We are committed to meeting the individual needs of each patient and our personal consultation and fitting service will ensure you find the best styles to suit you and for all occasions.

If you already have a current prescription and just wish to purchase some new spectacles no appointment is required so please come and visit us to browse our range of frames. As well as our stylish and practical budget ranges we also hold designer frames such as Ray Ban, Armani, Barbour, Vogue, Ana Hickmann, Radley, Lacoste, Mexx, Lipsy and Jai Kudo.

We are able to help you select the best spectacle lens for your eyes and prescription from any manufacturer. The selection of lens types, materials, coatings and tints available now is bigger than ever so it is very important to get good advice on the best choice of lenses for your prescription.

Lens Options

We can advise you on the latest developments in:

High Index Lenses – Lenses suitable for higher prescriptions that are thinner and lighter than ever before.
Bifocal Lenses – Lenses that incorporate both a distance and near vision prescription with a visible line between the two.
Varifocal Lenses – Lenses that incorporate a distance and near vision prescription using a more gradual change in power across the lens, which gives clear vision at all distances with no visible line.
Coated lenses – A range of coatings including reflection free lenses, tough coated lenses, tinted lenses and UV filters.
Photochromatic Lenses – These change colour in different light levels, from clear to dark brown or dark grey- to automatically protect your eyes from ultraviolet light.
Occupational Lenses – Limited use, special lenses. These incorporate a close near vision and an intermediate prescription and are designed for Computer / Office users.