Happy St David’s Day

Happy St David’s Day!!

Safe to say, this is not quite the weather we usually have!

Due to the snow, we are now closed and will reopen Monday 5th March.

Make sure you all stay safe and enjoy the snow!

Snow day?

So the snow is on it’s way and it’s time for cosy jumpers and fires… and of course my new amazing specs from Atlantic Optical

We will judge the weather conditions in the morning and keep you updated on any changes to opening hours.

Small frames have also arrived..

Also arrived today – some beautifully petite frames from the Jackie Collins range at Atlantic Optical.

Lovely light frames for a smaller fit with a bit of detail on the side.

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Big and Tall frames have arrived..

Here they are!! Big and Tall frames with larger lenses and larger bridge for a comfortable fit.

We really like them, if you struggle to find a good fitting frame, call in and try these on.

Playing with polarising..

I’ve just been looking at our recent delivery of INVU sunglasses, which we can supply with or without prescription lenses.

The whole range comes with polarised sun lenses as standard and is priced at just £99 per pair!

Polarising lenses are pretty amazing, not just a tint, glare is effectively neutralised by the lenses, leaving the wearer with a clearer image.

Have a little look at the pictures and see the image on the demonstrator with and without looking through the polarised lens..

Happy Valentine’s Day <3

Happy Valentines Day! 💓

We have some gorgeous pink and red frames to treat yourself with.

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Are you big and tall?

We’ve just seen some amazing frames from the Big and Tall range by Atlantic Optical.

Very excited to get our first order in!!

These are perfect frames for larger faces…apparently the model is 6’10” 😮

We’ll keep you updated when they arrive.

Young children, when’s best?

Ever wondered at what age children should have their eyes tested?

We have plenty of tests that can examine young children so don’t hesitate to ask us!

We feel all children should have had a sight test by the time they’re five.

You don’t always know when there is a problem so it’s worth getting them tested when they’re young.

Francesca <3s the sparkle!

Francesca, showing off her short hair and bringing out the sparkle today in her glittery specs.

If you like a bit of bling, pop in and see our sparkly range of frames..

We have lots of designs to suit all tastes, from a little diamanté on the side to full on glitter

Reading glasses frames..

Calling all reading glasses patients!!!

Ever get annoyed that you can’t find your glasses when you need them? Or feel you need a chain round your neck but don’t want one?

Well these frames are perfect for you!

Curved sides that grip around your neck so your glasses are ready to go when you are.