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Contact lens restock

Nicely stocked up contact lens trial bank. Ever thought about #contactlenses? Give us a ring and we can chat about options that would suit you.

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January blues?

Don’t let the January Blues get you down! We’ve got a beautiful range of blue frames to brighten the day. Happy New Year!

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New colourful cloths..

When you get your new spectacles, keep an eye out for one of our new colourful cloths in your case! Which will you get?!

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Just stocking up our bank of contact lenses. Having regular aftercare checks and correctly using your contacts lenses is vital to keep your eyes healthy. Book in today!

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New face at the practice..

This is Francesca’s new puppy, Honey. She’s only eleven weeks old and is capturing hearts already. She will be spending more time with us at the practice, so do call in and say hello!  

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New Cath Kidston frames

Look at some of the beautiful designs on these Cath Kidston frames.. we love them. Available now, here at Pearce & Bowler Opticians.

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Jamie Miller from The Voice visits P&B!

Look who came to visit us today..                     I love The Voice and I watch it every week so I was a little star struck. Vote Jamie Miller!!

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We still love Miraflex

  Here is one of the wonderful Mini Pearces, showcasing our wonderful Miraflex frames for younger children. All of them are made of one piece of plastic – so no pesky screws to fall out or work themselves loose! They are virtually unbreakable and come with a little strap to hold them in place so no […]

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Our complete range of Blinx

This is our complete range of the Blinx charms for young spectacle wearers. Including the Christmas, Easter and Autumn designs, we have over 50 designs to choose from! Why not pop in and have a look? They’re only £2.00 each.

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What are YOU holding out for?

We love our new show material! Hands up who knows this feeling… we think it’s always worth having your eyes tested rather than getting longer arms!

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